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Cheer Up!

2009-11-23 19:53:30 by dawnythecuti

I Guess If My Brother Moved Away He Moved Away So To Express My Feelings I Made A RowdyRuff Boy Just For Fun!

Cheer Up!

My Brother Had To Move Yesterday Our Parents Got Divorced And He Went Away With My Dad I Was Crying All Night Long! To Make Myself Feel Better I Made A RowdyRuff Boy And You Will See It Below...

The Tale Of Desperaux

2009-10-12 10:59:31 by dawnythecuti

Yay! I Love The Book And The Movie! How can u not like desperaux?he's so cute and little and sickly and adventureous! Sadly i need the DVD And the picture book to complete my collection i have posters and i have clocks rugs blankets im addicted to little Desperaux!

*By DawnyTheCuti*

The Tale Of Desperaux

its my favorite holiday!..i might be getting to old for hollowenn though but oh well i love it!


2009-09-10 19:27:07 by dawnythecuti

i feel so stupid...a little boy called me ...mama 2day its kinda..idk weird?